Summer Projects


All rising seniors are required to complete the senior summer capstone requirements. The Senior Summer Capstone Reflection Component is part of the overall Senior Capstone Project. This part of the project allows students to deepen the learning of their capstone project study. Students will benefit from working/volunteering alongside of their capstone mentor. Please review the Summer Capstone Reflection Project Packet for details of the requirements.

Senior Summer Capstone Reflection Packet


All rising juniors are required to complete the junior summer reading project as a requirement for their United States History course. The project will employ classic literature, in order to investigate the themes of social class and wealth distribution throughout different historical time periods. Please review the ECHS 11th Grade Summer Reading Packet for details of the requirements.

Junior Summer Reading Project Packet


Rising sophomores are required to complete either Health or Career Explorations using the Plato online system. It will be self-paced with a two-day per week mandatory check in with an ECHS staff teacher either on Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday via Zoom. If a student completes the health or career exploration class, he/she will be finished summer work.

Plato Online Learning System


Some students need to take Summer School Course(s) as a way to recover credits they did not earn during the school year. Ninth graders must have 6 credits earned to move into the 9th grade. Two of them must be English 9 and Math. If a student needs those courses or enough courses to get six, that student will take the course (s) in summer school so he/she can be promoted to the 10th grade. Students who take summer school do not have to complete the online Career Exploratory or Health (They will do so at a later time in their high school journey) or the Junior Summer Reading Project. Students will work at their own pace, and will have a two-day mandatory check-in with an ECHS teacher each week either on Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday via Zoom. Math classes will be taught as a “live class” on Zoom Monday through Thursday. All classes are one hour long. Parents will have their teen’s login information so that they too can monitor progress on the course.

Plato Online Learning System