Bus Safety

Please ensure your child is waiting at the bus stop at least 10 minutes before the listed time of the bus pickup. Below are the bus safety rules, please review them with your students.

Your child’s school day begins when he/she boards the school bus in the morning and ends when he/she gets off the bus in the afternoon. The Student Code of Conduct applies to behavior on the school bus and may apply at the bus stop. Please review these instructions with your student to avoid conduct violations and assure the safest bus ride possible.

  1. Follow the bus driver’s instructions. The school bus driver has the authority of a classroom teacher.

  2. Wait at a safe location near your assigned stop where you can see the bus and the bus driver can see you.

  3. Stay at least 10 feet away from the bus until it is stopped and the door is open.

  4. If you must cross the street to board or leave the bus, cross IN FRONT OF THE BUS. Make sure the RED lights on bus are flashing; wait for the driver’s signal or instruction to cross. Look both left and right for cars before crossing the street.

  5. When you get on the bus go directly to your seat.

  6. Stay properly seated at all times. (“Bottom to bottom; back to back”) Hold your book bag, lunch, or personal property in your lap.

  7. Use your “classroom” voice to talk with your seat mate or other riders next to you. The bus driver may direct you to be quiet for safety reasons.

  8. Talk to the driver only if there is an emergency or serious situation for which the driver’s help is needed.

  9. If you want to open the bus window, ask for permission from the driver first. Follow the driver’s instructions. Stay properly seated. Keep your hands and head away from any open window.

  10. Respect yourself and other students on the bus. Use polite, respectful language and gestures. Do not touch other students or their property. Let the driver know if someone is bullying or teasing you or other riders.

  11. Animals are not permitted on the bus.

  12. Due to the potential effects on students with allergies, food is not permitted on the bus.

  13. Wait for the driver’s permission to leave the bus. Stay in your seat until the bus is completely stopped and the door is open. Get off only at your assigned stop or at your school.

Please note: Students must ride their assigned bus to and from their assigned stops. Switching buses for any reason is strictly prohibited unless approved by the school. Written requests to change buses or stops in the event of an emergency must be received by administration 24 hrs. in advance. Only Early College High School students and authorized persons are allowed to board/ride the bus.